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Tennessee Continues to be the Laughing Stock of College Football

It is hard to believe that Butch Jones was fired just a little more than two weeks ago, because it feels like 6 months ago.  Mike Gundy turned Tennessee down last night, and the Vols quickly moved on to Purdue’s coach, Jeff Brohm.

Around noon central time, Jimmy Hyams reported that Brohm and the Vols agreed to a deal, and that it should be announced very soon.  Just a few minutes later, Chris Low of ESPN reported that no deal had been made, and that the two sides were not even close to an agreement.  Multiple people then reported Brohm had turned down Tennessee, and Currie had moved on to N.C. State’s coach Dave Doeren.

Doeren would be a disaster for Tennessee.  He would be another 3-5 years of Butch Jones football, and Tennessee would be looking for a new coach in the next few years.  Reports then surfaced that Currie never even talked to Doeren, but no new targets were mentioned.  

Around 2:30 central time, Clay Travis dropped a bombshell.  Travis said Currie and Brohm came to an agreement on a deal that included the buyout from Purdue, but the Tennessee chancellor shot it down.  Currie then came back with a lower offer, and Brohm turned it down.

John D. Brice reported that Brohm never said no to the job, and is still an option for the Vols if they will go back to the original offer.  Tennessee has to go back to the original right now.  Brohm is an elite offensive coach, and there is no excuse for Tennessee to let him slip away because they are too cheap to get him.

This just proves how out of touch the higher ups at UT are with their fan base.  After everything that has happened since Sunday morning, how do you turn down a guy that has finally agreed to be your coach, and is someone the fans will be excited about?  As Houston Kress pointed out, how insane is it that you would approve a 355 million dollar stadium renovation, but you are too cheap to pay the 5 million dollar buyout for a really good coach?  

Also, why are you just now talking to guys like Gundy and Brohm?  Why would you settle for Greg Schiano when all of these better coaches are on the table and willing to listen to you?  The incompetence of the Tennessee athletic department is just off the charts.  

To make things even worse, former Tennessee quarterback and current Knoxville radio host, Erik Ainge, direct messaged Lane Kiffin acting like a child, and then tweeted out the screenshot for the entire world to see.  When the national media is already killing Tennessee fans, why the heck would Ainge think it was a good idea to do this?

Erik Ainge

Tennessee football, and specifically this coaching search, is a dumpster fire.  There is no doubt that this search will never be forgotten.  We are watching a horror movie in real life, and Tennessee is quickly running out of options to make it end.

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