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Grizz Send Davis, McLemore to Kings for Garrett Temple

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Grizzlies have agreed to trade Ben McLemore and Deyonta Davis to Sacramento for Garrett Temple.  The deal also includes Memphis sending its 2021 second round draft pick to the Kings, according to Chris Herrington.

We knew Memphis had to do some sort of roster changing sometime soon when they officially signed this year’s second round pick, Jevon Carter, to a multiyear deal.  Carter’s signing meant he was the 16th guy on the Grizzlies’ roster, and they had to find a way to cut it down to 15.

This is a no-lose trade for the Grizzlies.  Ben McLemore and Deyonta Davis have both been huge disappointments in Memphis.

Chris Wallace brought in Ben McLemore last summer to be a reliable three point threat, and help the Memphis offense spread the floor.  The experiment clearly did not workout, and it looks even worse when you factor in that the Grizz got rid of Troy Daniels to make room for McLemore.

This will be Mclemore’s second stint in the capital city of California.  He was the King’s 2013 lottery pick, and played in Sacramento his entire NBA career except for his one season as a Grizzly.  

Deyonta Davis was drafted by the Boston Celtics, at 31 overall, in 2016.  The Grizzlies acquired his draft rights, along with Rade Zagorac, for a first round pick.  The big man is a Michigan State product and has yet to live up to his potential.

Davis has had some good games for the Grizz, but the fans’ frustrations are with his work ethic.  Davis is lazy on the court a lot of the time, and just flat out looks like he doesn’t care. His departure from the Grizz is no surprise, and many people had him as the most likely candidate to lose his job to clear room for Carter.

All things considered, this turned out about as well as possible for the Grizzlies.  We all knew somebody had to go, and Chris Wallace managed to lose two of his lower-tier players, and get back a usable player like Garrett Temple.  

Temple is a NBA journeyman.  The Grizz will be his 7th team since he entered the NBA in 2009, but just his third since 2012.  Over the last few years, Temple has turned into a legitimate role player in the NBA, and his addition will make this Grizzlies’ roster better.  

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